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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Pink Sunrise

I know (or hope) we're getting
close to the end of winter,
yet I still have so many
winter pictures I really like.
So before it gets too warm
I thought I'd better share some
winter photos
or I'll have too many
spring photos
 to choose from.
It's tough choosing which pictures
 to share some days.
My favorite pictures
aren't always the best photos.
And sharing my photos is a lot like having others
 reading this see a little piece of who I am,
just a little touch of what's in
 my heart and soul.
That's sometimes a
risky thing to do
when you don't know who's
going to be looking.
Who are you and what do you see?

This photo was taken on a winter morning
when the trees had some frost,
and the orange glow of the sun
was making the trees all pinkish-orange.
It looks a little bit like smoke
behind the trees, but it's not.
Just the glow of the sun
on the frost.

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