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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing Grace

I love photographing churches.
What I'm posting here isn't the shot
I was even going for.
 I took a lot of pictures of the stained glass.
They're absolutely beautiful.
This photo I'd taken from behind this church,
getting in the cross on the steeple.
The sun was bright and it's not a wise move to
look through your camera at the sun.
So I held the camera up and quickly took
a few shots without looking through the camera.
I was stunned, tonight, as I was going through
my photos as two things struck me about this picture.
First, the beam of light hitting the church surprised me.
In this black and white it comes across as a dark beam
coming down, where it was really (in color)
a turquoise color of light hitting the church.
I know the sun can add streaks of light and color into photos,
but I liked the way this light in this photo was
shining on the church.
Secondly, seeing the cloud in the photo surprised me.
There were some clouds in the sky today,
but they were all much higher than
the ones in this photo.
Divine intervention?
You be the judge.

I don't know why this photo turned
out as it did. I just thought it was interesting.

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