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Friday, February 11, 2011

Iowa Farm Life

About a year ago the local physical therapist asked if she could buy some of my photos to hang in the physical therapy office. I was thrilled to have my work displayed for all to see. She wanted farm photos so I picked out what I thought were some of my best pictures in that category. The ones I'm posting today are the five she chose and hang in the office. It's nice to have someone appreicate your work.

I stopped on a gravel road as a farmer was harvesting his corn. I love still photos that convey motion.

This photo has been the favorite from the physical theapy patients. I love old barns, and the unique diamond-shaped window with the little bird sitting in the window makes it all the better.

Again, a still photo that suggests motoin. I love old windmills and the sky was gorgeous the night I took this.

This photo screams "Iowa" to me, with the John Deere, the big barn, and the corn stubble in front.

It was a gorgeous sunset the night I took this photo. I really like silhouette photos so I got down next to the field to let the sunset fill the background, 

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