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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Kitty-Cats

We adopted Lexi before Thanksgiving of 2010, bringing her home
from the Des Moines Animal Rescue League. A week before Christmas, our cat
Rags died. Lexi appeared to be very lonely without another cat in the house.
The week after Christmas we went back to the shelter and chose Boomer.
It didn't take long for Lexi and Boomer to get used to each other.
They love to spend hours each day chasing each other,
practicing those feline stalking skills on one another.
They haven't yet been cuddly with one another,
but today we found them in bed together! No, they
weren't even touching, but at least they were willing
to peacefully sleep next to each other.

My Sleepy Babies

I love my kitties!

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