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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bell Tower Faith

I was in Des Moines yesterday running errands.
I had taken my camera with me, as I often do,
never knowing what I'll see that I like.
 I was really "hungry" for a good picture and knew it would be there,
around some corner,
just waiting for me to find it.
I was growing a bit frustrated throughout the day as nothing was jumping out at me.
 It was about time to head back home when I decided to take a different route
 and see what was ahead.
 Just when I'd decided I really needed to head back home
 I saw a tall cross off in the distance.
I love photographing churches so I changed lanes and headed in that direction.
If the cross hadn't been so tall I'd have never noticed it.
But I knew when I saw it that something was calling me
and I was onto my great photo of the day.
On the way to this tall cross I went past a very small church
and thought it was cute, but continued on to find
my cross.
I got there, and while it was a nice tall cross at a Catholic church,
 it definitely wasn't my picture.
I turned around and knew that the small church with the
 bell tower
was why I was there.
God lead me in one direction
so that I could find a small church
I'd have never otherwise noticed.
These were the photos I was hungry for.

I'm far from perfect; I don't always hear what God is telling me.
 But I truly believe that God can lead us to the cross, as he did for me today,
and we can feel, hear and see so many other things along the way
 if we take the time to notice.
 I'm thankful I was listening.

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