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Monday, February 28, 2011

Things That Fly

I never know what I'm going to find that I
want to photograph. After reviewing the photos I snapped
today, I realized that I must have been looking for things that fly,
as that's what I have the most photos of.

Two geese were busy chatting at a park in Des Moines. I
managed to get reasonably close before they took off. They were
separated from the other geese and looked as if they were in deep conversation.

A day at the beach for the geese.

This airplane must have just taken off from the Des
Moines airport as I wasn't far from there when I took
this picture of it.

I came across a yard with about a dozen robins
hopping around. Hoping this means spring is near.

Some of the geese in flight at the park.

This was one of the chatty geese, when he finally noticed
me approaching, taking off. I loved how the sunshine made
the water sparkle today.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fuzzy Little Chicks

I came across these fuzzy little fellows in
a farm store this morning. I could hear their little
chirping sounds and followed the noise to see what
was making it. I was delighted to find these cute chicks,
and thrilled I had my camera in the car. Granted, I won't
be able to eat chicken for at least a week after seeing these
sweet chicks, but it was worth it to enjoy watching them awhile.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cute Little Triangles

I loved these little triangles with windows (shows how little
I know about architecture as I have no idea what to call them!)
on a church I came across in West Des Moines. Just thought they
were cute!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ladder Kitty

Boomer is our more adventurous kitty. He likes to climb.
In one fell swoop he jumped from the kitchen floor to the top
of the refrigerator. He got himself into a situation he
couldn't figure out on his own however.
He climbed a ladder.
Sat at the top for several minutes.
And couldn't figure out how to get down.

For a moment he considers his options.

He thinks about jumping.

Then decides to wait to be rescued.
Silly kitty.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Before a Storm

I took this photo Sunday evening and just got out to take pictures
at the right time. It looked as a storm was coming and for only a few
minutes the sky was this pinky-orange color. I grabbed my camera and
went out the door immediately. If I'd gone out a minute later,
I would have missed this. Timing is everything in photography.

I love the reflection off the wet pavement as well as the unique color
the coming rain gave everything.

By the way, if you're reading this, feel free to leave me a message
as I'm starting to think I'm talking to myself here and I would
love to hear from you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eagle Sighting

I wanted to see an eagle. I've never seen one.
We drove down below the Saylorville Dam, along the
road to the east of the river.
Right across the river, high in a tree, was a
beautiful eagle.
He was just far enough away that I didn't get
many great photos, but I got a couple before he flew off.
On a warmer day I'll be back, looking for eagles again.

The eagle  in flight.

The eagle has landed.

Just before taking off again.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Kitty-Cats

We adopted Lexi before Thanksgiving of 2010, bringing her home
from the Des Moines Animal Rescue League. A week before Christmas, our cat
Rags died. Lexi appeared to be very lonely without another cat in the house.
The week after Christmas we went back to the shelter and chose Boomer.
It didn't take long for Lexi and Boomer to get used to each other.
They love to spend hours each day chasing each other,
practicing those feline stalking skills on one another.
They haven't yet been cuddly with one another,
but today we found them in bed together! No, they
weren't even touching, but at least they were willing
to peacefully sleep next to each other.

My Sleepy Babies

I love my kitties!

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Mind was in the Gutter

Okay, so my mind was in the gutter today.
I've been noticing all the snow melting and watching
it drain away.
Left behind is an icky mess.
Yet I'm thrilled to see snow melting so
I felt compelled to take a picture of the gutter.
And, by the way, I actually took this photo yesterday
the Des Moines Register even ran their pictures today of
the objects they'd found in the guttter .
So I'm not a copycot. I was ahead of the game.
Sounds like rain this weekend so I'm hoping it will
wash away some of the dirt left behind.

Any gutter, any street, any town, Iowa.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You're Alive Do Something

Today I came across a wall.
It is a wall I've driven past it numerous times,
but not until today did I notice that it was covered
 with "good" graffitti.
It is covered with messages of hope and love.
You know those moments where you feel loved,
really feel loved by God?
It was one of those.
I fell in love with this wall.
There were many spiritual messages on the wall,
but the ones I've chosen were the ones
that held the most meaning for me today.
If I would go back tomorrow it could be something
else on the wall that captures my attention.
What a wise use of a wall.
The picture of the hands was particularly meaningful as I felt as if I was
reaching out to touch the hand of God.
I believe. Do you?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I started this blog as a photography blog, inspired by
my friend Bill's Photo a Day in 2011 blog. (Thanks Bill!)
 Somedays, however, my feelings
really influence what I say and the pictures I shoot,
or how I portray the photos I shoot.
Today was grey.
It brightened up for a short time, then returned to grey.
I was in downtown Des Moines.
My son requires medical treatment at the hospital every 4 weeks.
We had actually finished a bit early and I begged him to let me take
some photos around the river.
We drove down under the I-235 bridge and I took some photos of several
different things. Something struck me as we were directly
under the I-235 bridge going over the Des Moines River.
I could see trash everywhere.
I could see piles of belongings in various places,
obviously the belongings of some homeless souls.
I felt badly for them, not knowing who they were,
not even seeing any people there at all.
I have a warm, safe house, food to eat,
my son gets the medical treatment he needs, and everything we really
need for our family plus more.
And here are the homeless, people society has discarded,
living under the bridges thousands of people drive over
every day on their way to the mall, to work, to school, to appointments,
to anywhere they need to go.
No one notices them.
We don't see these people under the bridges.
And we'd be afraid to see these people.
Would seeing these people scare us because we'd fear
what they'd do to us,
or would we fear what it says about us as a society
that too many lost souls are living this way?
I am no better than the rest of society as I
prepare to sleep in my warm bed tonight.

God bless the homeless and the hungry,
the ill and the hurt. May they find shelter,
peace, comfort and kindness,
tonight and always.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At the Car Wash

Seeing as we've had some warmer weather recently, I felt
it was time to get my vehicle through the car wash. I had my camera
with me so decided to see how a few photos would come out.
I loved the results of something so simple.
It was so nice to wash away all the grime and much
that had accumulated over the winter.
I know; it's not over with.
My husband tells me it's going to get really cold again
in a few more days. So if you haven't washed away the dirt,
today's a good day to do it. Oh, you'll have your chance again,
but maybe not until April.

My son always loved the colored wax when he was younger. Me too.

Love how clean it all looks!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Iowa Farm Life

About a year ago the local physical therapist asked if she could buy some of my photos to hang in the physical therapy office. I was thrilled to have my work displayed for all to see. She wanted farm photos so I picked out what I thought were some of my best pictures in that category. The ones I'm posting today are the five she chose and hang in the office. It's nice to have someone appreicate your work.

I stopped on a gravel road as a farmer was harvesting his corn. I love still photos that convey motion.

This photo has been the favorite from the physical theapy patients. I love old barns, and the unique diamond-shaped window with the little bird sitting in the window makes it all the better.

Again, a still photo that suggests motoin. I love old windmills and the sky was gorgeous the night I took this.

This photo screams "Iowa" to me, with the John Deere, the big barn, and the corn stubble in front.

It was a gorgeous sunset the night I took this photo. I really like silhouette photos so I got down next to the field to let the sunset fill the background, 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bell Tower Faith

I was in Des Moines yesterday running errands.
I had taken my camera with me, as I often do,
never knowing what I'll see that I like.
 I was really "hungry" for a good picture and knew it would be there,
around some corner,
just waiting for me to find it.
I was growing a bit frustrated throughout the day as nothing was jumping out at me.
 It was about time to head back home when I decided to take a different route
 and see what was ahead.
 Just when I'd decided I really needed to head back home
 I saw a tall cross off in the distance.
I love photographing churches so I changed lanes and headed in that direction.
If the cross hadn't been so tall I'd have never noticed it.
But I knew when I saw it that something was calling me
and I was onto my great photo of the day.
On the way to this tall cross I went past a very small church
and thought it was cute, but continued on to find
my cross.
I got there, and while it was a nice tall cross at a Catholic church,
 it definitely wasn't my picture.
I turned around and knew that the small church with the
 bell tower
was why I was there.
God lead me in one direction
so that I could find a small church
I'd have never otherwise noticed.
These were the photos I was hungry for.

I'm far from perfect; I don't always hear what God is telling me.
 But I truly believe that God can lead us to the cross, as he did for me today,
and we can feel, hear and see so many other things along the way
 if we take the time to notice.
 I'm thankful I was listening.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Son

Last spring I took a Photoshop class.
One of our assignments was to create several photo mosaics.
I used a twist on the assignment by taking a photo of my son 
and dividing it into equal-sized pieces and then putting them back together,
layering that over a copy of the same photo in black-and-white in the background.
 I loved the results and hope you will too.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter at Big Creek

For today I chose some gorgeous photos of a snowy morning at Big Creek I took awhile back.

I loved the way the sun was shining through the mist. It was such a quiet, peaceful morning.

The footprints of some animal leading through the diamond-covered snow really caught my eye.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

God is Nigh

Last winter I was driving near Polk City at sunset when I encountered this beautiful scene. All I had with me was my point-and-shoot camera so that's what I used for this shot. I think the title says it all.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reflected Sunset

I was too wimpy to go outside and take photos today. Something about "blizzard" that tells me to stay inside. So I'm posting a picture I took last winter. I took a photo of the windows of a barn at sunset last January. The sunset reflected off the windows and made it absolutely beautiful. Once again, I love the reflection photos. I love how it distorted the sunset and showed off those sunset colors.

Hope you're safe inside with your family on this wintery night!

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