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Sunday, September 9, 2012

News Flash!

Yeah, I haven't been posting much lately.
I have a really good reason.
An exciting reason!
I'm having a photography show!
Christian Photo in Des Moines will
be showing up to 20 of my photos on their walls,
framed and ready to sell,
during the month of October.
What an opportunity for me!
I'm excited about this,
yet get so nervous as I've been trying
to choose my very favorite photos.
It's tough.
Really tough.
Will what I like actually sell?

You are invited to
my photography open house
on Saturday October 6 from 1-3 p.m.
at Christian Photo,
6721 Douglas Avenue,
Des Moines, Iowa.

The photos will be there during the month of October
or until they sell, whichever comes first. :-)

I'm very thankful to Christian Photo for giving me this opportunity.
I'll put in a plug for them as it's a great place.
I've bought both my cameras, lenses, camera bag,
and any other accessory at Christian Photo.
They've been great to work with.

So come see me on the 6th of October
and view my art. Thanks!

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