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Saturday, March 12, 2011

In the Country

Traveling some back roads a few days okay,
just taking my time and looking for interesting photos
to shoot. The sun was in and out, behind the clouds,
constantly changing. One second I'd have a perfect shot
with the sun reflecting off something, the next second the sun
was gone. So I drove on, stopping occasionally to try for a good
photo. The three I'm posting where amongst my favorites.
As I looked at them, I decided to play a bit in Photoshop.
I could spend forever playing with photos in Photoshop.
Often I end up leaving the photo alone in the end or just
slighty tweaking the photo. I decided to play with an artistic effect
on these three photos. It's the same effect on all of them--a dry brush
type of painting, yet it's interesting how it changes each photo
in different ways.

I love how the Photoshop painted effect brings out the subtle changes in the sky.

This photo looks so much like a painting it amazed  me. I loved how the sun was
hitting the hilltop and brightening up that area. If only I could paint like this....

I've always liked reflection pictures so I liked this as well
as the texture on the water, which was increased
by the Photoshop effect I used.

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