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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Little Lexi

I never would have dreamed
I'd ever become a
"cat person."
Cats were okay, kittens were cute,
but leave me alone and we'll both be fine.
As a family we're now on cats numbers 3 and 4
in 16 years.
Over this time I've changed.
I am now a cat person
and I'm in love with these
 two little sweet things.
I never thought I'd allow
a cat to jump up on my bed,
walk across my pillow,
or sleep next to my head.
Lexi has the sweetest little baby face
and is irresistible.
She's also a thief
(having stolen earrings, bookmarks, toys,
and who knows what else
that we've not yet discovered).
She's gotten into my purse
and taken everything out, throwing
it all over the floor
She is like Boomer's annoying little sister,
never leaving him alone,
constantly chasing his tail,
following him everywhere,
always wanting to sit where he's been sitting.
 Boomer plays with her and puts up with it to a point;
then he finally tackles her and says,
He makes a good big brother,
though, as he then puts up with more.
They're friends.
She licks his head and back to clean it for him.
(Ughhh! Imagine the furballs!)
I'm in love with my kittycats.
They're part of our family.
They keep us entertained.
They greet us at the door when we come home.
They greet us in the bathroom during the night.
They greet us whent he refrigerator door opens.
Okay, so they're stalking us.
But we still love them.
And they love us.
I could post a picture of these two every single day.
I try to find other subjects,
but some days they're so darn
cute I just can't help myself.
Today was one of those days.

Lexi watched the rain today (when she wasn't being ornery).

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