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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Rags is one of the sweetest cats I've ever known.
I went to an animal shelter and instantly
fell in love with this giant furball of a cat.
He was so sweet and loving,
a big teddy bear of a cat
who loved to crawl up in a warm lap
and have someone scratch his chin
or brush out his back.
We had Rags for about 5 years.
Just before Christmas last year
Rags became very sick.
There was nothing that could be done for him
It was very hard on our family
and we stayed with him until the end.
I came across some pictures of
this gorgeous cat and had to share
him with the world.

Rags loved to sit in baskets, boxes, trays--
anything he could wedge himself into.

Rags liked catnip.
Rags LOVED catnip.
In these pictures our cat
is enjoying rolling himself in
catnip as he licks it all.
I guess you could think of
catnip as recreational drugs for cats.
Rags did.

The most embarrassing shot of all--
Rags, fang hanging out and all,
in la-la land enjoying the catnip.

 No, we never tortured our beloved cat.
Rags loved this crazy ball toy and would
sit next to it until we opened it up
and he could crawl inside.
Then we'd let it slowly close.
He was very content,
although this photo shows him deciding
it's time to get out of the ball.

We now have two other cats, Lexi and Boomer,
both animal shelter cats.
I think those are the best kind.

RIP Rags
You were one of a kind.

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