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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More of Mayo

I thought I'd continue with the
Mayo  Clinic theme until I got
through all the pictures I felt were
worth sharing. So here's more from
the city of Rochester and specifically
of Mayo Clinic.

This shows one of the buildings reflected
in a beautiful granite wall.

Being only a teenager, my son was
a bit embarrassed by all the statues
of naked bodies found on the Mayo campus.
Out for a walk one evening,
he was ahead of my husband
and myself and spotted yet again
another naked statue.
"Children," he joked,
as if on a school tour,
"avert your eyes." 

I loved this statue from this side,
although my son was horrified
when we came across it from the other end.
Remember: the person is naked.
This is one of those statues that just
might be better if the boy had on 
some clothing.
But it's a medical facility, they
deal with the human body, and 
Mayo certainly likes to share
the entire body with their visitors.
"Children, avert your eyes."

Very interesting glass in the main medical building.

The Mayo brothers founded the clinic.
Thankfully someone chose to portray
them fully clothed!

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