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Monday, October 8, 2012

Adventureland Reflection

I took this photo at Adventureland.
Adventureland is one of my son's favorite places
and we've been there many times
over the years. 
This photo shows two roller coasters--
the Dragon is the one with the two loops
and behind the Dragon
is the Tornado--
a favorite for me since I was
a child. My siblings and I would
ride the Tornado, and then run back
and get in line and ride it over and over
as many times as we could.

I was with my family
at Adventureland
when I  noticed the great
reflection of thes coasters
into the pond.
I  like that
at the top of the hill
on the Tornado
you can see the cars,
filled with people,
just about to go down
the hill.
It made a nice reflection shot.
May Adventureland live on
for future generations!

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