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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Kathedral

I love this photo of a stained glass window taken at The Kathedral in Des Moines. I love this close-up of the window as it shows both the beauty of stained glass as well as the damage this window has suffered over the years. Up close one can see how neglected this window is, yet it's still beautiful. I love the contrast. I've come to discover that I really like contrast in my photos.

In the above photo I love the big stained glass window, yet also being able to see the curve of the ceiling and the old chandelier. Again, the contrast of the dark items against the bright window is what I like, as well as that little bit of gleam off the curved ceiling. 

The Kathederal is located just south of I-235 to the east of MLK. It's being renovated and I just happened to walk in one day and ask if I could take photos. They let me have free reign and I got some great shots that day.

This photo was taken from the 2nd floor, looking down the stairs to the basement. The door was open on the main floor allowing the rails to be well-lit. I liked the view.

I don't know anything about what denomination of church this is and I have no ties to it. They were simply kind enough to show me around and let me take my photos. It was a great place to take pictures and I need to stop back in some day and see how they are progressing. These photos were taken in the fall of 2009.

I love the arches over the door, the stained glass above the door, the wooden staircase inside, all contrasted against the grey cement of the steps. 

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  1. Beautiful stained glass windows, you can't beat an old church for fantastic architecture. And, I like the symbolism in the staircase, leading down into the darkness. Keep the great photos coming!


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