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Monday, January 31, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Today I took my camera with me as I had to run some errands. I was hoping to take at least one picture I would really like. My problem is I take way too many pictures that I end up liking. Until I took a photography class in the fall of 2009, I never thought of photography as art. That class completely changed my view of photography. It's definitely art! And as such, it's very subjective. So I add photos I like, although you may very well look at these and wonder what on earth I found appealing in my subject.
I started off this morning taking a few pictures of the spaceship house in Urbandale. There's really no place to get a good shot of this (unless you're the neighbor, I suppose). And it's not that my shot of this house is fantastic; the subject is intriguing to me. I'd love to see what's inside.

I loved stained glass And while this stained glass is a bit dull for my taste (I like the bright colors in stained glass), I loved the texture and the way the light was coming through behind the window, contrasting with the dark woodwork around it.

This photo was taken of the driver's side window. I had an appointment and came out to find the window covered in ice droplets. I loved the texture again. And yet I was frustrated that it was ice and I couldn't see out my window.

If you've never been to Jester Park in Polk County, you're missing out on quite a treat. I am always very impressed by how well-taken care of this park is. Kudos to the workers there. I drove through the park with my window down, heat blasting, listening to the birds, and enjoying the scenery.  It's a beautiful park in all seasons. I came across a row of these trees (help me out, tree people--is it a crab apple?) and noticed that several had small nests nestled in the branches.

I liked this close-up of the pine cones. I took many pine tree shots, but this was my favorite photo.

I am thankful that Jester provides so many nice habitats for the wildlife. There are prairie areas, such as this one, as well as piles of brush for the woodland creatures and other wildlife habitats.

Finally, a reflection shot at Jester Park Lodge. Amongst the many other types of photos I love, I love reflection photos. They're always thought-provoking to me. What do I reflect upon others and what do they reflect upon me?

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