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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

High Trestle Trail Bridge at Night

High Trestle Trail Bridge

Another central Iowa attraction that is worth the drive.
The bridge spans the Des Moines river between
Madrid and Woodward.
It was once a railroad bridge.
It's now for biking and walking.
The bridge is one-half mile long
and 13 stories high.
Don't let the height scare you
as the rails make it very safe.
The closest parking is on the Madrid side
of the bridge, but from the parking to
the bridge it's about 3/4 of a mile walk,
then another 1/2 mile across the bridge,
making it 2.5 miles by the time you've gone
across and back to your car.
That news isn't meant to deter anyone from visiting,
but merely to prepare them.
If you park in Madrid and walk or bike all
the way out, I believe it's about 4 miles to the bridge.
Here's my suggestion on viewing the bridge:
come out to the bridge not long before sunset,
see the bridge in the light (and hopefully in a gorgeous
sunset), then wait on the platform( from another old
rail road bridge) that is on the Woodward side. Take
a break, view nature, chat with others visiting,
and wait until it's completely dark.
Then go back across the bridge with the lights on.
It's incredible. You get to see the bridge in both
daylight and dark this way. It's worth it.
If you come and won't be heading back to your car
until after dark, bring a flashlight as the trail
is not lit from the bridge to the parking area.
Only the bridge is lit.
This bridge is definitely worth
taking the time to visit.

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