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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Iowa Storm Clouds

My husband's hobby is watching the weather.
I was glad recently when he suggested we go out
and take photos of some storm clouds.
By sheer luck I was able to get a couple of
shots of lightning, as well as
the sunset. Finally we've found
a way to make our hobbies collide.

Such a gorgeous sunset. I'd love to
take credit for creating such vivid colors
and the way they swirled together,
but all the credit goes to God.
No one can create what He does.

Storm clouds off in the distance.

One of the 3 shots in which I got a glimpse
of lightning, and you can also see just a
glimmer of it in the photo below.

 This was my best lightning shot.
I've never tried shooting lightning before
and it was sheer luck to get this shot.

This sunset shot was taken on a different evening.

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