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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Castle Bookstore near Mayo Clinic

If you ever are visiting Mayo Clinic in
Rochester, Minnesota, there's a
Barnes and Noble store in the
skywalk/subway system
very close to Mayo.
I don't know the history of the building,
but now the bookstore resembles
a castle.
It's the coolest bookstore
I've ever been in.
I happen to love bookstores.
Could spend hours, days, weeks,
getting lost in them.
I absolutely adore the castle theme
of this bookstore.
And I love that it's so very close
to Mayo
so that when you're visiting
you have a place to go where your
can take you
and away from every reason
you're there at
Mayo in the first place.
They used to have a great reading nook
in the front window,
with nice fluffy chairs.
They were gone this time.
Silly me.
I thought they'd want people
to enjoy the place and be comfortable.
I miss the fluffy chairs,
but I do still love the bookstore.
Worth visiting if you ever
need to take a trip to Mayo Clinic.

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